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How To Buy a Commercial Pizza Oven for Your Business

Posted by Benny Traub on

When you buy a commercial pizza oven, there are a number of factors that you will need to consider. Commercial pizza ovens are major pieces of equipment in many cases. They are also expensive enough that you can’t take the purchase lightly. You will want a good quality pizza oven which will last for years. And you will want the right size to match your requirements. 

Gas, Electric or Wood-Fired?

The first decision you need to make is whether to acquire a gas, electric or wood-fired pizza oven. Don’t just blindly rush into purchasing an electric oven. Otherwise, you might find out too late that a different pizza oven type would have been the correct decision. Take all factors into account, first. Then - and only then! - make the decision.

Some pizza makers consider a traditional wood-fired oven to be the only way to go. They would consider nothing else. However, if you are making a lot of pizza, this type of oven may be relatively slow for your needs. 

Buy Your Oven From a Reputable Source

You should buy from a well-established restaurant supply company. These companies will be there if you need maintenance service for your oven. They also often provide warranties, which you will need in order to guarantee the unit against defects. 

Be sure to check the warranty carefully to find out what the guarantee and return policy is. You do not want to acquire an appliance which has problems, and then find out you cannot return or replace it.

Check for Quality Control

Make sure that there are NSF stickers on the machine if you are in the USA, and CSA stickers if you are in Canada. These are government required for approved use.

Check Your Local Regulations

Find out about all the codes of approval required by your municipal, city, or federal governments, before purchasing a commercial pizza oven. Check with building, fire and city inspectors to make sure that the appliance you are about to buy meets regulations.

Do Not Purchase Secondhand Ovens

Do not purchase used equipment. They come with no guarantee and you will have nowhere to return the item or to have it serviced. You may save some initial expense, but the risk is high. You could end up with a defective piece of equipment which you can neither return or sell.

Look for Discounts

Do shop around for clearance-priced items when you can. You may get a deep discount on a quality commercial pizza oven. These may even still carry full warranty.

Consider Your Business’ Requirements

Purchase an oven which will serve your requirements. If you are a restaurant which sells only a limited amount of pizza, then a small commercial pizza oven may fulfill all your needs. You might even want to consider a countertop oven. 

On the other hand, a large pizza shop will require a full-sized commercial pizza oven. This oven needs to also be big enough to handle the expected sales. A small pizza oven costs less, but may result in your having to purchase a larger model very soon.

Cooking speed is also very important in order to quickly fill orders. A good oven will cook at very high temperatures. As a result, these ovens will turn out a pizza in just five minutes. A conveyor-type oven moves pizza along a conveyor belt. These ovens cook very quickly. As a result, they may be the best thing if you want volume production. A smaller non-conveyor commercial pizza oven may take twice that long.

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