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Considering Opening a Pizzeria?!

Are you considering getting into the food business? Consider a pizzeria, the perfect casual establishment that can also be consider gourmet when being made in a wood fired pizza oven! Pizza sells in the USA alone  is over $40 Billion and you can be part of it. On average, 85% of Americans buy pizza at least once a week, that mean there's definitely a huge demand for high quality pizza. As you prepare to open your pizzeria, consider the following steps to make sure you are doing everything you should, to be on the right path to success!


Re invent the Perfect Pizza
You must face it: due to the high demand for pizza shops, you will find one on almost any town street. In order to make your pizzeria memorable to your customers, make sure your pizza is unique and great-tasting. Even the Neapolitan pizza has many versions and variations. you must only use High-quality and fresh ingredients in order to get this gourmet high quality amazing taste! If you're feeling creative, experiment with various toppings to design a pizza that's all yours. Make sure to write down each step so your pizzas taste the same each time.

Start with a Business Plan
Start with a research in the local building and safety and make sure they allow you to operate wood fired/Gas fired oven before making a move to open your pizzeria! When you use Californo pizza ovens, you need to consider if you use the wood or Gas fired pizza oven or wood/gas combo since in some cities wood fired is not allowed. you'll want to make sure all of this is in place. A liquor license is also a necessity if you plan to serve alcoholic beverages. Make sure to write down a concrete business plan, noting all the paperwork that must be done and types of insurance (liability, property, etc.) that should be obtained.

Location, Location, Location!
Some healthy competition can be a good thing in the restaurant world, When choosing a location for your pizzeria, try to find an area where similar restaurants are scarce. It's also important to find a spot that isn't hidden from view. heavy foot traffic is always a plus, faces a busy street, and features plenty of parking spaces. If your pizzeria is accessible to passersby, you'll be more likely to bring in new customers!

Top brand Equipment
Do your research to learn about the equipment you'll need for your pizzeria's specific needs. For example, it's a must have a true Neapolitan brick oven like Medici-480, Verona-420, or Verona-560 if you are going to offer Neapolitan style pizza that will cook your dough to perfection in just 90 seconds all day long. Commercial coolers are also important for keeping your ingredients at an appropriate temperature until they are ready for use. Finally, consider the basic preparation supplies you'll need:

pizza cutters, pizza peals, cutting boards, utensils, to name a few.

1 out of 8 Americans ate pizza today
Agree on the style of food you'll serve at your pizzeria. Aside from pizza, you might
consider serving other classic Italian fare coming out of your wood burning oven: wood fired sandwiches, pasta, garlic bread, wood fired muscles, dessert pizza etc. Make sure only to add to your menu items that you can make regularly! Quality is certainly better than quantity; if your menu is small but filled with high-quality dishes, you'll be sure to gain repeat customers. Also, decide whether you will offer takeout and carryout options for customers who may not want to dine in.

Interview and Hire Qualified Employees
Your employees are the face of your pizzeria, so you want to make sure they'll represent
you in the best way possible! look for positive, warm personalities; it's important that customers feel comfortable interacting with your staff. Also look for potential employees who are genuinely interested in becoming a part of your restaurant. If
they care about the business's success, they are more likely to put forth hard work
and good effort!

Plan an Advertising Campaign
It's important that the locals know about the existence of your pizzeria. Create an ad for the local paper or even consider holding a grand opening to draw in customers! It's also
important to consider expanding your advertising online. Facebook offers an excellent platform where businesses can create their own pages, promoting them to local users. Also, join Yelp so that your patrons can easily learn about your restaurant and even leave feedback! Create an appealing website and appropriate social media accounts to guarantee an online presence that will help your customers learn about your pizzeria, find its location, and even peruse your menu!

Set Up the Interior
If your budget allows and depend on the type of pizzeria you open consider hiring interior designer. Your décor will create the look and feel of your restaurant, so make sure everything matches and is laid out appropriately. Tables should be well-spaced and seating should be comfortable. every detail down to the music you'll play over the sound system should be perfected before you serve your first customer. Now you should be ready to open your doors and start serving hot, fresh pizza. Make sure to maintain your advertising at all time to ensure that new customers can find you. You can even consider updating your menu as time goes on, taking into consideration the preferences of your diners. Keep serving great-tasting pizza and other Italian favorites and your pizzeria will be a success in no time!