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Pizza Oven Venting

The vents on your Californo Pizza Oven might not seem like such a hot topic, but it’s
something that Californo gets fired up about. In case it sounds like we’re joking about a
pretty serious topic, rest assured that we take proper venting of your Californo Pizza
Oven seriously. In fact, it’s imperative to your safety. Here are a few things that
need to be considered when venting a Californo Pizza Oven.
  • Outdoor Single Stove Pipe:
    You want to be sure that there are no trees or structures overhead.

  • Outdoor Ovens with Obstructions:
    If you do have to deal with blockages, be sure you use a UL 103HT double wall chimney pipe.

  • Indoor Ovens:
    It’s advisable to use a UL103HT double wall chimney pipe with a direct vent approved.

    Californo pizza ovens chimney

6" Anchor plate for double wall chimney for Garzoni-350 oven

8" Double wall chimney for Verona-420 and Verona-560 ovens

How Do Fires Get Started?
Californo Pizza Ovens might use the best materials on the market when it comes to our
pizza ovens, but it’s still up to you to use the best safety features. With your Californo
Pizza Oven, be sure it is installed away from doors or walls with at least enough room
for a single wall pipe. A Durablack (available in both Canada and the United States) is a
high quality pipe that will keep your home and business safe from fire.
  • For those of you extremely concerned about combustion, you can always purchase a double wall pipe. 
    Talk to one of our Californo Pizza Oven representatives and always be sure to have at least eighteen inches of
    clearance between the pipe and any structure.

NOTE: A big reason for vent fires is not following clearance orders (spaces of
air) when working with combustible materials. Be sure you follow manufacturer
instructions PRECISELY.

Direct Venting
For your Californo Pizza Oven to perform at the best thermal levels, consider what kind
of direct vent chimney system you’ll want. For both indoor and outdoor Californo Pizza
Ovens, we suggest utilizing a UL103HT listed double wall stainless steel chimney
system. Consider purchasing a DuraTech. All Calforno Pizza Ovens have been UL
certified and tested for indoor and outdoor chimney units.

How Far Away Should the Pipes Be to Avoid Combustion?
DuraTech should be installed up to sixty vertical feet and have at least three feet over
the roof. Want to switch the direction of the vent? No worries. Consider using up to two
offsets (no more than thirty degrees each) to move the direction of gas. Translation: You
can utilize a thirty-degree elbow, 0 to forty-eight-inch horizontal chimney pipe. Then, you
can utilize a thirty-degree elbow correction back to the vertical.

NOTE ON USING 2 Thirty DEGREE ELBOWS: It’s imperative to not use 2 Thirty
Degree elbows to make a sixty-degree angle. This configuration will void the
warranty and be a potential cause of fire.

Californo Pizza Ovens require hoods for venting in most indoor commercial applictions. Whether you need a vent for your Californo Pizza Oven will depend on your particular zoning. Type One hoods – not the same as grease ducts – have all been certified for fire safety. It’s always a good idea to contact your local fire or building official to be sure your hood and pipes are meeting all fire requirements.

Contact Californo Pizza Ovens – Even if It’s Just to Vent (About Vents)
While we can’t know for sure what requirements each of your zoning areas need to be
fire proof, we can promise you that our vents and hoods are made with the best material
in the business. Contact us today with questions and concerns. We’ll not only answer
your inquiries, but help you purchase the supplies you need for a safe Californo Pizza
Oven experience. (We’ll even bundle as many of your supplies together as possible to
save you on shipping!)