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all our ovens are 100% made in hallandale beach, fl SINCE 2004. WE OFFER CUSTOM SHAPES AND FINISH MATERIALS, PLEASE CALL 855.553.6766

Pizza Oven

Our Calforno Pizza Oven – Top of the Line Quality
If you’ve tried every Italian restaurant in town but the pizza never seems to taste like Mama’s, maybe it’s time you try making one from your own home with a Californo pizza oven. Since 2005, Californo has been producing the highest quality pizza ovens in the business. Manufactured in America, our parts are designed with the very best material, ensuring that your pizza oven will create delicious, mouthwatering crust every single time. The only person who might complain about the oven is Mama herself who, after
tasting a savory crust straight out of your pizza oven, will worry that your pizza is even better than hers. (It probably is, but shhh… we won’t tell her!)

Flatbread and Pizza Baking
Our pizza ovens not only look beautiful, but they bake beautiful flat-breads, rolls and pizza like no other. Simply pre-heat the oven to 700 degrees. Once the dome of the oven is free of soot, begin baking. The secret to delicious bread is the intense heat that gets trapped between the floor of the oven and the dome – causing the dough to cook evenly within 15 minutes or less. 

More Than a Pizza Oven
While many purchase our ovens to make breads and pizza, alternative uses for the pizza oven exist as
well. Roast vegetables and meats like a pro simply by bringing the heat down to 650 degrees. (Cook times vary per item.)

Californo Ovens – Real Fast Food!
If you’re tired of unhealthy fast food, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to find that food baked in our pizza ovens take less time than sitting in a driveway. Plus, you can use healthier ingredients and bake food on demand. The ability to create individual, quick turnaround dishes, make Californo pizza ovens a real crowd pleaser.

Community Value
Californo pizza ovens bring back memories of calmer times when families gathered around the stove
and enjoyed a warm meal. Are you ready to slow down and enjoy life? We hope so and look forward to
having you join our Californo family. (And hey - bring Mama along!)