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Brick Pizza Oven

Californo Brick Oven – The Best in Class!
Make pizza crust like a pro with a Californo brick pizza oven. Taking only a half hour to heat up, the Californo brick oven retains warmth for an out-of-this-world bread baking experience. Designed with high temperature bricks and superior dome insulation, our Californo top quality brick ovens are manufactured in America and exported throughout the world. With impeccable quality and constructed using the best bricks in the world, a Californo brick oven possesses unparalleled style, technology and design for every cook and budget.

Flatbread and Pizza Baking
To bake flatbread or pizza using a Californo brick oven, the trick is in adequately preheating the oven. This means being sure the oven is at least 650 – 700 degrees. To create a blazing heat, bakers must pile coals on the brick and ensure that the fire is blazing straight up to the dome. When the dome shows no signs of black soot, but is instead 100% clear, coals can be moved to one side of the oven, making room for
baking to begin in the vacated spot. It’s important to note that an intense fire must continually roar at mid height to continually lock in the heat.

Roasting, Anyone?
While most people purchase our brick ovens to make mouthwatering dough delights, plenty of bakers enjoy its secondary use as a top of the line roaster. The temperature of the brick oven should be 500 degrees. Roasting times will vary from dish to dish and quantity to quantity. This means that for folk who are roasting for a family dinner might only pre-heat the oven for thirty minutes, while those roasting meals for a large group of guests, party or catering event will want to heat their ovens longer, often adding more coal to keep the flame going. Also, unlike baking bread, once the oven has reached 500
degrees, the coals should be taken out of the oven and the firebricks should be wet down with a rag.

Family Meals – Family Values
Californo brick ovens are not only made with the best quality fire bricks in the world, they are also made with your values in mind. Thank you for choosing Californo!