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Californo Laterizo Diy True Brick Pizza Oven Kit

Californo Garzoni Wood Fired Pizza Oven BannerBefore you make your own pizza you’ll want to make your own pizza oven. While that might
not be as easy as adding dough, sauce and cheese, it’s simpler than you think thanks to
Californo’s LATERIZO Pizza Oven Kit.

LATERIZO’S – Your DIY Choice in Pizza Oven Kits
LATERIZO Pizza Oven Kits come with detailed instructions to make assembly a breeze.
Each LATERIZO kit comes with a generous array of firebricks (9x4.5x2.5 inches),
allowing you to build both the vent and the oven dome. Also included with the kit are the
high temperature cooking floor tiles (18x18x2 inches). The LATERIZO tiles come with
high temp mortar as well as floor and dome insulation. The only thing missing is your

LATERIZO Pizza Oven Kit Materials
Unlike other brands who skimp on material, Californo Pizza Oven Kits are made with
the highest quality products on the market. Every LATERIZO Pizza Oven Kit feature top
notch insulators and industrial grade refractories for maximum heat retention, roasting
and baking.

LATERIZO Pizza Oven Materials and Design
Pizza ovens come in a variety of materials. The LATERIZO is no exception, but it’s
difference is the quality. Its cooking floor tiles and firebrick are made with high density
and can rate up to 2,500ºF. With thirty-eight percent alumina, they are considered the
ideal oven for pizza, bread, roasting and more. The blanket on the LATERIZO and the
LATERIZO board rate up to 2,300ºF. The waterproof mortar is rated up to 2500F. This
helps the oven maintain as much heat as possible, baking your pizza dough, roasts and
vegetables to perfection. The LATERIZO Pizza Oven Kit comes with enough insulation
to cover two inches under the bottom of the pizza oven and three inches over the
exterior dome. This insulation helps keep the outside of the pizza oven cool and the
inside hot.

Californo: A Trusted Source for Over a Decade
Since 2005, Californo has been a trusted source in pizza ovens for homes and
businesses. Our kits are no exception. Shop with Californo to be sure you get the
highest quality oven, kit (or both) for your home or business. The LATERIZO Pizza
Oven Kit is sure to add quality and warmth to your home and business. Contact us for