Fire Up Your Mobile Pizza Business

Some dishes are simply born great, others manage to achieve greatness, and yet others find that greatness is thrust upon them. When it comes to pizza - all three apply.

Born on the streets of Naples in the 16th century, it has gone on to conquer the world.

Now, if you’re a baker, caterer, a restaurant or you're thinking of getting into the street food business you can go on the road with your own top-of-the line, quality Californo wood-fired mobile pizza oven and start making some real dough straight away.

With our help you can start your own mobile pizza business for under $10,000.

It isn't just seasoned cooks who are discovering that mobile pizza businesses are able to provide independent lifestyles and the ability to work as little or as much as you want. Nine-to-five business people are becoming pizza entrepreneurs too, and even retired people are finding it can be a profitable hobby.

They are all embracing the concept of the mobile pizza oven because it offers a lucrative but relatively inexpensive opportunity for the motivated person to succeed.

By selecting one of the Californo mobile pizza ovens you will be conjuring up a world of possibilities for your own pizza trailer or food truck. Just add your own cocept so you stand out from your competition.

Since 2005, Californo has been building its world-class reputation based on the market's finest wood-fired pizza ovens. If you are looking to purchase a pizza oven trailer, a brick oven or a Neapolitan oven, to sell food to the clamouring masses then one of the Californo wood-fired pizza ovens will help you deliver old-style, quality cooking in the new cultural age using the finest materials.

Such is the public's hunger for pizza you might have thought the major players had sewn up the market. That is simply not so! A whole host of pizza start-ups are bringing some very serious competition to a lot of the old, established names. And in so doing they are adding a new dimension to the world of pizza.

Many of today's successful restaurant owners began in the mobile pizza business catering for both small and large events with a wood fired pizza oven trailer or truck.

People have chosen many different routes to making a success of their own mobile pizza businesses, and Californo is keen to help you on your own commercial, culinary journey.

Why Californo Is The Professional Choice

There are many reasons why a Californo pizza oven is the ideal choice for a pizza trailer or food truck.

Our ovens are designed to both trap in the heat and to direct the flame across the oven dome evenly. This is aided by having low vaulted domes and the ovens being fitted with expansion joints.

These expansion joints offer a flexible cook time, which enables the chef to heat the unit from cool to 1000F in under an hour. Californo ovens also all have authentic Italian fire paver cooking surfaces.

As a result, Californo mobile pizza ovens have been used by the most celebrated chefs, caterers and restaurants for more than 12 years. They are invariably at the center of the party's action, installed on a trailer or truck having been driven to the very best events.

Reliable, durable and very flexible, Californo ovens offer the performance that the best restaurants demand. 

If you are interested in obtaining more information about the custom design services offered by Californo as well as our mobile wood and gas-fired pizza oven packages we will be very happy to provide help and advice to suit all your needs.


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