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Wood Fired Pizza Oven

A Calforno Wood Fired Pizza Oven – A Real Investment!
Tired of store bought pizzas that cost too much and deliver too little taste? How about making your own thanks to a Californo wood fired pizza oven? An investment in a Californo wood fired pizza oven is an investment in your family and health. After all, nothing brings people together like good food made with fresh ingredients. Our ovens are often considered the heart of the home as people gather round the oven in happy anticipation of a personal pizza or delicious bread crust. Just be warned: if a member of
the household isn’t easily impressed with new appliances, the smell coming from the oven will quickly lure them into the kitchen and transform them into a fan.

Intricate Ovens/Simple to Use
Manufactured in America using only the best in wood, brick and mortar, Californo wood fired pizza ovens are expertly crafted but don’t need experts to operate them. Simply add wood to the surface of the oven and watch the flame mushroom to the top. When the oven reaches 700 degrees and the dome is completely free of soot, add the dough. While prep time is oven 30 minutes, the dough itself cooks in about 15 minutes due to the intense heat. Depending on how much bread you are baking will depend on how much wood you need to keep adding. It usually takes just a few tries for each chef to figure out
the system and timing that works best for him or her. The motivation? Delicious, healthy,
mouthwatering food time and time again.

Toast and Roast!
Most customers purchase our wood fired pizza ovens to enjoy pizza and bread, but it’s not long before they are enjoying the delights of roasted vegetables and meats,too. The Californo wood fired pizza oven easily doubles as a top-of-the-line roaster. Simply drop the temperature a few hundred degrees. 

Choosing Californo Means Choosing the Best
At Californo, it’s our goal to create the best ovens in the world for the best customers in the world. That’s you. Thanks for considering us and welcome to the family!