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all our ovens are 100% made in hallandale beach, fl SINCE 2004. WE OFFER CUSTOM SHAPES AND FINISH MATERIALS, PLEASE CALL 855.553.6766

The Crust

Californo Pizza Oven Delivers on Crust
Are you one of those pizza snobs that refuses to order from a certain delivery company because their crust is “too soggy” or “too chewy”? With Californo Pizza Ovens, you’ll become an even bigger snob by refusing take-out pizza all together – and who could blame you? We hate to brag, but in just four words: Californo Crust Is Amazing.

Californo Pizza Crusts – Light, Crisp and Delicious
When your Californo oven hits 900 degrees, place your pizza dough on our unique oven bricks. It won’t take long for your crust to bake to heavenly perfection. Light, crisp and golden, you will find our crust to be sturdy enough to hold all your favorite toppings but light enough to melt in your mouth. The only complaints we’ve had about our crusts is that it’s impossible to eat just one piece of pizza. Like your favorite pastry, crust comes out of our ovens smelling like heaven and tasting as good as something you’d purchase at a high-end Italian restaurant. (It’s so good, don’t be surprised if your family and friends want to tip you!)

Real Tips on Crust
Okay, we’re kidding about your friends and family tipping you, but we have a real tip for you when it comes to crusts. For starters, prepare your dough at least two hours in advance and chill it in the refrigerator. This prep time will allow time for your ingredients to properly mix as well as allow your dough to rise. Remember: your dough will only be in the oven for a few minutes based on the high heat, so prepare in advance.

Recipes and Tips to Come Soon
Like the pizza you are building, we are building out our Cooking and Recipes page. Check back with us soon where we’ll tell you everything you need to know to prepare the perfect crust.

Say Goodbye to Crusty and Cranky
Cranky people are referred to as being crusty, but even the most hot tempered person will smile after eating crust from a Californo oven. What are you waiting for? We promise – our crust will cause love at first bite!