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Tavola Californo Pizza Oven Stands

Californo Pizza Oven Stands
Want to enjoy any of our Californo Pizza Ovens without the extra cost of a concrete support base? Well now you can thanks to any of our Tavola sleek, steel framed, oven stands.

Californo Pizza Oven Stands – A Standard in Versatility
Californo Tavola Pizza Oven stands are versatile in the sense that they can be used with any of our modular ovens, as well as our built in ovens. Got a commercial oven in mind? No problem. The stand is sturdy enough to work with those as well.

Save Money with a Californo Tavola Pizza Oven Stand
Because no brick and mortar is required to build a permanent stand, you can save hundreds of dollars in construction fees simply by purchasing our easy-to-assemble steel oven stand instead.

Why Weight?
Brick pizza ovens are heavy enough:  Why add to the weight with extra masonry holding it up? Our steel pizza oven stands can lower the total weight of your oven by over 1000 pounds.

Different Sizes for Different Ovens
The Californo Tavola Pizza Oven Stand comes in a variety of sizes such as:

TAVOLA Small for Garzoni-240, Garzoni-260 and Garzoni-280

TAVOLA Medium for Garzoni-350

TAVOLA Large for Verona-420

TAVOLA Extra Large for Verona-560

Each stand fits the corresponding oven perfectly for a built-in look.

Create a Larger Space with a Californo Tavola Oven Stand
While many of our customers enjoy the sleek industrial look of a straight line from oven to stand, you may want to extend the landing of your oven. To do this, simply purchase a larger Californo Pizza Oven stand to have some extra work space in front and in back. This space creates a bit of a shelf, which adds to a feeling of inviting warmth.

Enclose the Stand with Brick, Concrete or Stone
How you “finish” your oven is up to you. Your contractor can help you choose from brick, stone or stucco to create add the final touches to your Californo Pizza Oven.

Do It Yourself Ease
For some people, DIY projects can be intimidating, but this need not be the case with a Californo Pizza Oven stand. Our metal frames and previously cut panels, combined with simple to read instructions, can assist you in putting together your oven stand in less than a half hour.

Take a Stand with Californo – An Oven Stand!
Californo has been a leader in pizza ovens for over eleven years. Our quality stands out among the crowd. Your oven can, too, with our top of the line stand. Feel free to contact Californo with any questions.