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all our ovens are 100% made in hallandale beach, fl SINCE 2004. WE OFFER CUSTOM SHAPES AND FINISH MATERIALS, PLEASE CALL 855.553.6766

Californo Outdoor Pizza Ovens

Have you ever dreamed of extending your kitchen but didn’t think you had the space?
Now you do – you just need to think outside the box… or at least outside the oven. Repurpose your backyard with a Californo outdoor pizza oven! Constructed of brick or concrete, these sophisticated ovens come in a variety of sizes and shapes and can turn an ordinary backyard into an outdoor kitchen oasis. From freestanding to intricate built-ins, Californo outdoor pizza ovens will be the crowd pleasing staple of your backyard.


Pizza Oven Kit Californo Garzoni-260

How Do Californo Outdoor Pizza Ovens Work?
Our outdoor pizza ovens are as varied as the meals the chef prepares in them. Pre-heat the oven by placing wood on the cooking surface and watch the flame rise like a mushroom to the top of the oven. When there is no more soot on the dome, and the heat is between 650 and 700 degrees, the oven is ready for the dough. Bread and crust can bake in as little as 15 minutes, so it’s not uncommon to have family and friends gather around the oven and watch the show.

More Than Just Pizza
The heat inside the oven isn’t the only thing roasting. Our outdoor pizza ovens also double as a wonderful roaster. From veggies to chicken, novice cooks can transition to professional chefs with just a little practice.

Calforno Ovens Build Community
Californo outdoor pizza ovens are popular during cold and snow season, too, thanks to their bulk density insulation. There’s nothing that builds community more than than family and friends warming their hands around your outdoor oven.

Why Californo Outdoor Pizza Ovens?
Unlike other ovens that are made in other countries and imported, Californo outdoor pizza
ovens have been manufactured in America and exported since 2005. Our constant stream of referrals and return customers are a true testament to our outdoor pizza ovens’ quality and craftsmanship. Here at Californo, we aren’t just making pizza. We’re making memories. Make this the year you bring healthy food and a beautiful centerpiece to your backyard that will make yours the most popular (and amazing smelling) home on the block!