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Five Good Reasons to Have Your Own Clay Pizza Oven

Posted by Benny Traub on

Use quality ingredients and an authentic pizza oven to bake the tastiest pizza. Clay pizza oven suppliers specialize in outdoor cooking of not only pizza but a multitude of other delicious dishes.

So are you looking for the right clay pizza oven for your home? Making pizza in your own backyard is all about enjoying the taste of a great pizza cooked in a traditional oven. It’s visually pleasing, interesting to make, and economical too. Just think about all the fun you and your friends are going to have as you enjoy fresh and crisp pizza right on your own property!

The great news is that you won’t just use your clay pizza oven for making tasty pizza. You can use it to bake other goodies as well, like cooked meats, roasts, casserole dishes, bake cakes, and more!

This article outlines the top 5 reasons why you should consider your own clay pizza oven. Let’s find out why having your very own home pizza kit is probably the best purchase you’ll make for your family!

1. Entertain Your Friends With Professionally Made Pizza

Who can resist a perfectly baked crisp pizza, especially when it’s baked in an outdoor pizza clay oven? This is the best way to have a professional pizza right in your home and have your friends over to enjoy your masterpiece. More and more people have started to buy their own pizza ovens, as they’re fast becoming the trademark of a happy lifestyle and healthy eating.

2. Have Your Own Backyard Pizza “Factory”

Just imagine the thin, crispy base covered in hot cheese, olive oil, garlic, and juicy tomatoes. The sky's the limit when it comes to ingredients and the number of pizzas you can make using your fantastic pizza oven!

Indeed, pizza ovens are really amazing things because they look great and add style to any garden, large or small. Most traditional ovens are covered with a simple roof structure and allow you to bake your tasty pizza directly on the stone. The surrounding heat makes the pizza cook fast and consistently while retaining some of the moisture, making the dough stay fluffy.

Clay has some wonderful insulating properties, making it a great component in the cooking process. One of the main benefits of a clay oven is that it distributes the heat evenly so your pizza is perfectly baked.

3. Save Money and Still Enjoy Tasty Pizza

tasty homemade pizza

No matter your budget, you’ll still find a pizza clay oven for every taste and cooking style. The initial cost will be offset by the savings you make over time. For example, Californo has a wide selection of home pizza ovens to choose from so you can compare models and prices. 

4. Use the Clay Oven to Bake Other Foods (e.g. Bread)

zucchini baked in pizza oven

Although a pizza oven is designed especially for baking pizzas, you can use it to cook other foods, such as bread and roasted meats. The oven heats up fast and retains heat for many hours, allowing you to cook several food types simultaneously in a short amount of time.

5. You Can Choose the Best Size for Your Home

You can choose the proper size for your clay oven to match other appliances in your garden. But first, decide exactly what you need. Some smaller or medium-sized ovens are about 3 feet wide (the interior), which allows them to heat up in less than one hour. By using a medium oven you can perfectly cook between 2-10 pizzas at a time.


Smaller clay ovens usually take longer to cook because they heat slower and retain heat for a shorter period of time. If you plan to make pizzas on a daily basis, then medium pizza ovens are the best option.



Since pizza ovens are affordable, easy to install and energy-efficient, more and more people are buying their own clay oven to make pizza right at home. What’s better than having your friends over and treating them with a tasty, crispy pizza in your backyard?


Many families have already decided to have their own clay pizza oven to allow them to prepare several pizzas at a time effortlessly. Become the host of some very exciting pizza parties, bring everybody in and get absorbed in the pleasure and joy of baking your own tasty and crispy pizza!

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