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Oven Safety: A Guide for Outdoor and Indoor Use of Pizza Ovens

Posted by Benny Traub on

Maintaining a pizza oven and keeping it safe is important. Here is an oven safety guide for outdoor and indoor pizza ovens.

Why Have a Pizza Oven?

Pizza ovens can be anything from wood-fired to gas models. While electronic ovens are more convenient to set-up and use, several households still prefer the use of wood-fired pizza ovens. They are more authentic and are known to deliver a crisp and well-cooked pizza. 

Numerous affordable and easy to construct models of pizza ovens have convinced people from different parts of the world to try this exciting and fast pizza preparation for the entire family to share.

Imagine a pizza oven installed perfectly in the corner of your kitchen or even at the back of your garden. You surely wouldn’t want to miss too many days without a pizza on your table. Though some people consider baking pizza as a tough task, this is not the case for households who have mastered the art of pizza preparation. Normally such households take less than an hour to prepare everything. 

You don’t have to be a master pizza baker to produce the perfect pizza. Nor do you have to be the finest chef to learn the pizza cooking tricks. Preparing pizza only requires you to remember some basic steps which you can easily access online or in cookbooks. 

1. Secure a Safe and Comfortable Environment for Your Pizza Oven

This is extremely important for bakers who are cooking wood-fired pizza in their backyard. The increasing heat from the wood might damage the surrounding plants or could attract the attention of curious kids. A spot away from the home and any electrical wires or garden trees is ideal for outdoor pizza ovens. 

If you are cooking pizza inside your home, ensure a space that is not too crowded to allow the right amount of air to circulate. This will reduce the extreme rise in heat that can sometimes result in damage. While ensuring a secure and flat surface, also keep your pizza oven away from the water source to avoid the risk of shocks and short-circuits if you’re not using a wood-fired oven.

2. Observe Proper Maintenance

You should always clean your pizza oven right after every use

If you are dealing with outdoor ovens, make sure to put out the fire completely before doing the clean-up. For outdoor options, you would only need a strong brush and bin to dispose of burned firewood.

3. Consider Your Spending Budget

Buying a pizza oven is not just about looking through a series of expensive options. There are also many affordable ovens that you can freely purchase in the market or construct using a kit.

Hardwood or gas are just some of the most popular types of affordable pizza ovens available at present. Buy the one that best suits your needs and observe these oven safety hints to ensure you have many years of delicious enjoyment.

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