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Making Pizza Cheese First or Last: The Great Debate

Posted by Benny Traub on

Within the pizza industry, there have been many debates about how to make the best pizza pies. Discussions on the subject include what type of crust to work with, the type of sauce, what toppings to use, and even what kind of cheese makes the best pizza pie. 

Another debate when making pizza: cheese first, or last?

Chicago Type Pizza Is a Bit Different

This deep-dish style pizza goes against the grain. Instead of positioning the toppings on top of the pizza sauces, the cheese lies on a level with the crust. This is then put into the bottom of a deep-dish pizza pie pan. Over the mozzarella cheese lie your toppings of choice, and the level following that is the pizza sauce.

For most people that are not from Chicago, this is certainly something that will be completely new. It may even seem backward to people that live elsewhere in the United States, who tend to be used to a different style of pizza pie. 

Lots of people say that Chicago Style is the best, as it keeps the crust crispy, as the sauce is on the top and not on the crust. Otherwise, the sauce would make the crust soggy.

Other Styles of Pizza

Other pizza styles place the sauce right on the crust. Cheeses are then placed on top of the sauce, and toppings are scattered on top of the cheese. This is what most people in America imagine when they think about pizza. Many people really do not even know of an alternative way of creating pizza pies. Many say that people in America love the traditional way of making pizzas with the sauces directly on the crust.

The debate about whose style is “the best” is an ongoing battle. The argument will likely never be settled. Whether you like making pizza cheese first or last is just a matter of personal preference.

Nevertheless, the great thing is that the USA has grown to be more and more open-minded when it comes to food. The true winners here tend to be the ones who are open to different kinds of pizza. The genuine winners realize that there’s basically no best, only different.

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