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Why Pizza Baked in a Brick Pizza Oven Tastes so Good

Posted by Benny Traub on

When it comes to taste, pizza that is baked in a brick pizza oven is superior.

There are also numerous other advantages to making brick oven pizza. Most of the finest pizzerias in the world use this style of cooking because it is similar to the way authentic Italian pizzas are made. The tastes and aromas that result from using this old-school process are unsurpassed. Standard ovens cannot produce the results that brick ovens can.

Brick ovens are typically built on top of a stone or ceramic base. The pizza is cooked on the stone surface that has been pre-heated by an open fire. The wood used in the heating process burns hot and for a long time. Radiant heat from the base of the oven gives the pie a crispy crust. Because there is a certain amount of moisture that circulates in the oven, none of the ingredients in a brick oven pizza will dry out.

There Are Many Benefits to Using a Brick Oven to Bake Pizza

The stone and brick in the oven retain heat well and distribute it evenly. Many of these ovens can reach temperatures close to 700°F. A steady high temperature is maintained, so pie dough bakes evenly without becoming overcooked. Brick oven pizza provides more consistent results than pizzas baked in a standard convection oven.

Brick oven pizza can be cooked to perfection, no matter what type of dough or toppings are used. By shuffling the pizzas around in the oven, chefs can ensure that the crust and the toppings cook thoroughly. Cheese melts quickly and develops a tasty browned surface. Pizzas baked in a brick oven can be made to order as well. Because the turnaround time is so fast, customers can get exactly what they want.

One of the Greatest Advantages to Make Brick Oven Pizza Is Taste

The crust on this type of pizza is unique because it has a crispy texture but maintains a moist, fresh flavor. The cheese and other toppings are infused with a rich smokiness. Depending on which type of wood is used for burning, the pizzas may also develop a deep, woody taste.

Pizza baked in a brick pizza oven is the most flavorful, fragrant, appetizing pizza in the world. The old-style cooking method is reminiscent of days gone by. This type of cooking will take anyone back to the old world where flavor and quality were the most essential components of baking a pizza.

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