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$ 2,400.00

When you buy this Californo wood fired pizza oven and all other Californo models you simply get more oven for your money. Compare the cooking surface area and dome thickness and find out for yourself.
The Garzoni 280 is one of our smallest residential ovens. In the crate you will find a fully assembled, ready to use pizza oven. although it's one of our smaller ovens it is very popular in residential applications and for those who entertain on a more smaller level. this Garzoni 280 oven still has all the superior qualities you will find in our larger ovens. 


Interior width Interior depth Exterior width Exterior depth Cooking surface area
28" 32" 42.25" 42.25" 800 square inches

What's In The Crate?:

  • Fully assembled oven ready to use.
  • Cast iron oven door

Fast 28 minute heat up time and superior heat retention. 

We also offer this oven as a DIY kit, please check the Garzoni 280 Pizza oven kit page for more details. 

Crate size:48" x 48" x 70" Height weight: ~ 900 lbs

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