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Your Californo Wood Fired Pizza Oven

If you’re a baker, caterer, home owner or restaurant fired up for a top-of-the-line quality wood fired pizza oven or wood fired pizza oven kit, look no further than Californo. We use only first-in-class processes and state-of-the-art insulating and refractory materials, making our outdoor pizza ovens some of the most sought-after ovens throughout the world.

Since 2005, our company has built a world class reputation based on the finest wood fired pizza ovens on the market. Whether you are looking to purchase a commercial wood or gas fired pizza oven for your restaurant or a home oven to entertain family or friends, Californo wood fired pizza ovens promise to bring old world cooking into the new age using only the finest material on the market. fully assembled pizza ovens and pizza oven kits, we got it all.

World Class Construction
Depending on your size needs, you can purchase either a heavy duty commercial oven or a more compact oven for your residence.
Both ovens come with:
* Expansion joints and low vaulted domes to trap in heat and direct the flame evenly across the oven dome.

* The expansion joints offer an expanded cook time, providing the user the ability to heat the unit from cool to 1000 degrees’ Fahrenheit in under 60 minutes.

* Authentic Italian fire pavers used for the cooking surface designed specifically for our Californo pizza oven kits and assembled pizza ovens.

The Magic of the Dome
The dome is the hallmark of Californo oven, allowing the heat to travel all around the true sphere, rather than rising straight up and out the flue where precious cook time would be lost. The dome itself, due to its expertly designed internal arch, seals off the bake chamber and allows pizza crust bake to perfection.

What’s the Secret to Mouthwatering Pizza? It’s All in the Fire Pavers

Californo’s Italian fire pavers serve as the baking surface where the flames reside. Only the fire pavers material is heavy enough to handle the heat of the fire-filled coals as well as serve as the malleable surface needed to create unforgettable pizza crust.

Home Ovens
Our original home oven is the best choice for most homeowners. The floor and the dome attract heat at a super-fast rate. The high temperature that is trapped inside is intense since it does not go out the flue, providing for a super balanced level of heat that makes perfect dough time after time.

Want to roast or bake? That works, too! Californo ovens can easily transfer from high heat to less heat to make serving other meals a non-issue. Like your favorite breads and pizzas, the Californo oven is versatile.

Commercial Grade Ovens for Your Home
Californo’s commercial grade ovens have the same high quality consumers have come to respect about the home ovens, only they have a thicker dome and correspondingly thicker floor. The size difference of Californo’s commercial ovens vs. home ovens means that it will take more time to achieve adequate cooking temperatures for baking, but on the flip side, the warmth will last much longer.

The Californo commercial grade oven is an ideal choice for bread bakers and for consumers desiring to entertain on a big scale. Foodies of all capabilities make the Californo commercial grade oven their first choice.

Simply put, there is nothing that Californo can’t handle, all with that authentic wood fired oven taste.

Dynamic Ovens Require Proper Oven Dynamics
The dome is the key to proper oven dynamics – and Californo ovens has this covered with their expertly designed dome to arch relationships. Californo’s internal exhaust flues give our ovens the ability to keep a steady flame for hours of intense heat and roasting. The door itself works as a damper, locking the oven into a temperature range without putting the fire out or building up smoke.

Old Charm/Modern Design
Californo pizza ovens have gained the respect of the world due to manufacturing their ovens themselves in America. Unlike other oven suppliers who import their parts from foreign countries or supply ovens from Europe, Californo’s ovens are manufactured in Miami with their own proprietary formula and design. Our company prides itself on hiring top quality American workers. Our world respected, highly sought after ovens are sold in the United States and then exported - – not the other way around!

Californo’s ovens are a throwback to a slower period of life. Food was not processed… it was not rushed. Only the best ingredients were used – often herbs and spices from one’s own garden. Remember the stories your grandparents told you of friends and family who would sit around the oven for warmth and joyfully anticipate the first piece of delicious crust? “Red wine, big laughs, outrageous stories and familia!” are familiar conversations of yesteryear. Now those conversations and memories can become present events – over and over. Plus your family will eat higher quality food, too!

Initial Investment/Lifetime of Savings
Not only do our ovens bring back an authentic style of cooking that bonds families and communities, it saves money in the long run since bakers use their own ingredients instead of overpriced store bought crusts and dough. It’s not uncommon for our latest Californo consumer to be referred to us from the delicious bread they ate for the first time – straight out of a friend or family member’s oven.

Pick up at our factory or we will ship!
You can buy any of Californo ovens and oven kits from our retailers and registered installers throughout the US, you can pick up any of our pizza ovens and pizza oven kits from our our Hallandale Beach, Florida factory or you can shop online and we will ship to you your pizza oven directly to your house or restaurant. all californo pizza ovens and pizza oven kits are being professionally crated using cartexpert

Welcome to the Family!
If you’ve recently bought a Californo oven, you won’t be disappointed. Not only will your investment bond you with family and provide delicious food, but you’ll be part of a growing family of happy Californo customers who share baking tips and recipes. We’re so glad you stopped by. Please visit our support page We’ll be more than happy to answer any questions!