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all our ovens are 100% made in hallandale beach, fl SINCE 2004. WE OFFER CUSTOM SHAPES AND FINISH MATERIALS, PLEASE CALL 855.553.6766

Wood Brick Pizza Ovens

All Californo wood-fired pizza ovens are 100% handmade in the USA in our Hallandale Beach, Florida Facility, You are invited to visit us, Please contact us.

For millennia, wood-fired pizza ovens have graced kitchens worldwide, not solely in Naples, Italy, but across diverse civilizations globally.

Throughout history, societies relied on wood, clay, and brick to cook using this method, each in their unique way.

It's essential to note that wood and gas-fired pizza ovens aren't limited to just pizza. They open a world of culinary possibilities.

Californo offers a true wood-fired oven—the only one deserving the title of a "dome." This authentic design is our hallmark, setting us apart in the industry.

Peer into our dome and see for yourself. Since 2005, Californo has exclusively offered the authentic dome shape, proudly crafted in the USA.

Many manufacturers or importers in today's market present wood-fired ovens that fall short of resembling the true spherical dome. Their versions may appear as straight squares, diagonals, or feature curved tops.

Californo stands apart by providing the genuine sphere-shaped dome crucial for an authentic wood-fired oven experience. We take no shortcuts, offer no imitations, and incorporate no stainless-steel interiors. When you choose Californo, you're choosing the epitome of true wood-fired oven craftsmanship.

Using a Pizza Oven
Please refer to our step by step instructions on how to use your oven.

Pizza OvenTypes
Whether you seek a residential or commercial pizza oven, Californo provides an array of options to suit your needs.

Californo offer 4 sizes of residential pizza ovens:

Garzoni - 240
Garzoni - 260
Garzoni - 280
Garzoni – 350

Californo offer 2 sizes of commercial pizza ovens:

Verona - 420
Verona - 560

Where Can I Buy a Pizza Oven?
Call today to receive a personalized estimate if you have any questions. We offer online purchases as well as factory visits. Before visiting us please make sure to call and schedule an appointment. Here at Californo, we offer a variety of pizza ovens and always have what you are looking for!