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all our ovens are 100% made in hallandale beach, florida.

Wood Brick Pizza Ovens

All Californo wood fired pizza ovens are 100% hand made in the USA in our Hallandale Beach, Florida Facility, You are invited to visit us, Please contact us.

Wood fired Pizza ovens has been around for thousand of years, not only in In Naples Italy, but people used wood to create fire for cooking all over the world.

Most civilizations used wood, clay and brick for cooking in this method or in this form or another.

Wood and gas fired pizza ovens are perfect for cooking more than just pizza.
Californo is the only manufacturer today that offers the real shape of the real wood fired
oven which is the only only one that can be called dome!

Look inside the dome and find for your self, since 2005 Californo offers only the real dome shape and it's all made in the USA. Most manufacturers or importers today offer you a wood fired oven that is far from looking like the real "sphere" shape dome. Their dome is simply straight square or straight or diagonal and some has curved tops.

Californo offers you the real dome sphere shape that you need when you buy a real wood
fired oven. No shortcuts, no imitations, no stainless steel interior.

Using a Pizza Oven
Please refer to our step by step instructions on how to use your oven

Pizza OvenTypes

Whether you are looking for a residential pizza oven or commercial pizza oven Californo
offers different types to choose from.

Californo offer 4 sizes of residential pizza ovens:

Garzoni - 240
Garzoni - 260
Garzoni - 280
Garzoni – 350

Californo offer 2 sizes of commercial pizza ovens:

Verona - 420
Verona - 560

Where Can I Buy a Pizza Oven?
Californo offer a variety of pizza ovens we have what you’re looking for! We carry a large
selection of pizza ovens for all uses and cooking needs.