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Outdoor Ovens: The Quick and Easy Way to Bake Your Food Outdoors

Posted by Benny Traub on

Do you like the idea of spending time with your family and friends, cooking delicious food in your backyard? Most people will tell you that it's nearly impossible to cook pizza outdoors and they are right — that is if you don't have an outdoor oven. Believe it or not, oven manufacturers have found a way to make an oven work in your garden, and anywhere else outside your house.


The Benefits of Outdoor Ovens

Outdoor ovens save you a lot of kitchen space. They also free your kitchen from the hot temperatures of oven baking.

Outdoor ovens are efficient and durable, so chances are your purchase will last for many years to come. They also require almost no cleaning and very little maintenance. 

Besides baking, you can also use them to barbecue, roast, grill and even smoke. You can even use them as a heat source on those cold evenings.


Types of Outdoor Oven

There are many types of outdoor ovens (also known as wood-fired ovens) available on the market. These include dome-like ovens, as well as ovens that are made of adobe, brick or clay. The latter three types are capable of reaching much higher temperatures than standard ovens. Adobe is basically a mixture of dirt, straw and water. This mixture can be solidified into bricks or a solid structure. 

You can install these outdoor ovens in your garden or anywhere around your home. They let you grill, smoke, bake or cook your food and have a gala party anytime you want. They can be really useful and convenient to a homeowner who likes spending time outside in the backyard, or on the deck or patio.

You Can Cook More Than Just Pizza

Besides pizza making, you can also cook bread, vegetables, meat and even stews. Depending on the recipe, some foods will require that you use aluminum foil for the cooking process for protection. But generally, you can cook directly on the oven floor if you wish to do so. 


When choosing from a variety of outdoor ovens, you need to choose one that would best suit your individual purposes. For example, wood-fired ovens can be added onto an existing outdoor area or built as the focal point of your brand new outdoor kitchen. They can also be added to your outdoor kitchen or barbeque area to compliment your patio style. They will change the way you cook and enhance your outdoor cooking experience.

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