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Wood Fired Pizza Ovens – a Local Answer to Delicious Food

Posted by Benny Traub on

Of all the different ways to cook pizza, wood fired pizza ovens are probably considered by most to be the least familiar to cook with. Why then have they suddenly become so popular

The Most Delicious Pizza

The simple answer is that no other form of cooking can produce a pizza that tastes as good as one that has been cooked using real wood, fire, and smoke. And people have found that once they cook in a wood fired pizza oven, it is extremely easy. Modern wood fired pizza ovens are a masterpiece. They are a combination of a primitive way of cooking and modern design and engineering that can take your cooking skills to all new heights.

Quick and Easy

The pizza that used to take 20 minutes or more to cook in your kitchen oven will only take 3 minutes or less to cook. The heat in a wood fired oven is far more evenly distributed throughout the brick walls and ceiling. This means that once they have been heated up and the fire allowed to die down a bit, all you are left with is an oven that is going to bake your pizza at a very high temperature and add that delicious smoky flavor.

Dating Back to B.C.

Wood fired pizza ovens have a long history of offering folks the most versatile way of cooking in the world. It provides all 3 types of heat: 

  • Radiant (direct fire)
  • Convection (circular air much like what you get with conventional indoor ovens)
  • Conductive (energy/heat transfer that is similar to a pizza stone but with the added value of storing and retaining heat for a long period of time). 

As a result, wood fired pizza ovens offer the most flexible and comprehensive way to cook. You can bake, roast and grill almost any type of food.

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