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We Explore Why Pizza Cooked in a Woodfired Pizza Oven Tastes Better

Posted by Shali Zanzuri on

Pizza is an incredibly diverse food. Simply by tweaking the crust the toppings, and the sauce, you can change its taste and presentation entirely!  Most people already know that changing the sauce makes a big impact on the taste of a pizza, but few people know that the way a pizza crust is made and cooked makes just as much of an impact! It is almost universally agreed that pizza made in a wood fired oven tastes infinitely better than any other method of cooking your pizza. We investigate a few reasons why this is the case.

Hotter Cooking Temperature
temperature gauge normal to scorching

The biggest advantage of using a pizza oven is that it generates more heat. This results in a hotter cooking temperature and faster cooking time, while still staying completely safe for you and your family. The heat from the wood fire is absorbed by the walls, spreading it around the inside of the oven evenly. Cooking time is also decreased because of better heat distribution in the oven. With some ovens, you can easily cook an entire large pizza in less than three minutes. Families hosting large gatherings, or restaurants with high volume orders can, benefit from this rapid cooking time.


Better, Crispier Crust and Toppings
Browned pizza crust with toppings


Since the pizza is cooked at such a high temperature, the outside of the pizza becomes crispy quite quickly. Any moisture remaining in the dough and the toppings becomes sealed inside, leading to crispy and flaky taste. It also prevents the dough from becoming soggy, leading to a much better taste. The taste of the toppings is also greatly improved by this method. Since the heat seals off the moisture, pizzas made in woodfired ovens are absorb less grease.

In addition, fast cooking times preserves many of the nutrients in the toppings. Those who include a lot of vegetables on their pizza may notice improved health benefits from eating pizza made this way, as opposed to baking it in a traditional oven. The cheese and sauce are also affected by this cooking method, absorbing some of the smoky flavor from the wood fire, creating a much better taste.


Unique Flavor

There is a unique, smoky flavor that all food made in a woodfired oven picks up. This gives your pizza a taste of authenticity and sophistication, far from the grease and bland flavors characterized by making grocery store instant pizza in a traditional oven. The lack of grease also lends itself to a better, more improved flavor.

Another addition to your pizza crust which can also make a big difference in flavor, is oil. Various cooking oils have different flavors, and some oils have a higher heat tolerance than others. Part of any cooking process can ruin the flavor of fragile oils that have a low temperature tolerance. One example of this is olive oil. For people who want to enjoy the natural flavor of olive oil on their pizza, best practice is to drizzle the oil on the pizza toppings and crust edges after it comes out of the pizza oven, and immediately prior to serving. The olive oil will be warmed, but not scorched.

campfire wood with flames

Additionally, various types of wood create different flavors in your pizza. For example, mesquite produces a distinct smoky taste when used. Once you get your outdoor pizza oven, you can start experimenting with heat sources and the impact they have on the pizza’s final taste.

Learning more about why the woodfired method makes better pizza may convince you to install an outdoor pizza oven on your property. By visiting Californo you can view our range of outdoor pizza ovens and pizza oven kits, ready to be installed in your backyard. These ovens are a great way to cook the perfect pizza when entertaining friends and family. Thanks to its great taste, your pizza is sure to impress every time!


What has been your experience with wood fired pizza?

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