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Should You Use a Wood Fired Oven for Your Food Truck?

Posted by Benny Traub on

A wood fired oven comes with many benefits. But getting one for your food truck is also a commitment to labour, innovation, and capital. 

Here are some questions you should ask yourself before getting a wood fired oven for your food truck.

Does It Makes Sense for Your Food Truck Concept?

Think about your food truck concept. Will a wood fired pizza oven make your concept stand out more? Yes, it is well known that a wood fired oven can really make a difference to the taste of your food. But does it make sense for your concept?

Don’t forget that you will also need to train your employees to use the oven. 

Do You Have the Necessary Space?

First, you need to figure out how many sales you need in order to turn a profit. You should also have a look at the size of your kitchen. Both these things will help you figure out the size of the oven you can get. 

Finally, have a look at the venting. Depending on your situation, the venting might cost even more than the wood fired oven. So make sure to take this into account.

Can You Get Firewood?

Different woods add different flavors to your food. But you can’t just use any old wood to cook your food. Not only do you have to have the right type of wood, you also have to store it correctly.

When deciding if a wood fired oven is right for you, make sure to consider the cost of storing your firewood. Otherwise, you might end up losing profits.

Can You Even Burn Firewood in Your Area?

Some places don’t allow you to cook over wood. So make sure to look into the wood burning codes in your location. If your area does allow you to burn wood, how will the vented smoke affect your neighbours?

Mobility is one of the benefits of food trucks. But make sure to look into this before parking in a new location. Bylaws may vary!

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