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Landscaping Ideas for Firewood Sheds

Posted by Shali Zanzuri on

Sheds are functional. They hold your firewood and protect it from getting damp in the rain. They can even store your garden equipment and tools, and if they are big enough, can even give you a small home away from home to retreat to at the end of the day. But just because they are functional doesn’t mean they can’t – or shouldn’t – be pretty. A beautiful shed can really add to your garden and enhance the time you spend there. 

Spruce up your shed with these creative landscaping ideas!


  • Create A Walkway To Your Shed
    Stepping stone for walkway


Creating a walkway should be at the top of your list when considering landscaping design ideas for your shed. It can bring truly stunning results, while still being one of the easier landscaping options to implement. 

There are several ways you can create a beautiful walkway to your shed. One option is to create a walkway path using large rocks in interesting shapes for stepping stones. Alternatively, you can create your own stepping stone design using a walkway mold. You can also choose to line your path with flowers. You can plant flowers directly into the ground, or use ceramic flowers to place them along the path – lilacs are a great option for this. You can leave the dirt between the flowers visible, or you can fill the path with river rocks or wood chimps. 


  • Add A Lattice To The Sides Of Your Firewood Shed For Planting Climbers
    Planting jasmine flowers beautifies your shed and adds fragrance


Planting climbers can be an easy way to beautify the area around your firewood shed. Simply add a lattice to either side of the shed, plant a climber, and wait for it to grow and climb up the lattice. You can choose to plant a simple vine, or go with a pretty flowering climber. 

Here are some good options for climbers to plant around your shed


  • Install A Patio For Your Firewood Shed 

Depending on the design of your shed, you might want to consider adding a patio. Patios can add more design and landscaping flexibility to your outside shed area, while giving you a place to sit and unwind. With a patio, you can turn your shed into a place where you can spend afternoons lounging with a good book and some friends. It can even be a great place to relax after a hard day of work!


Consider planting some flowers around your patio. A small table set can also be a beautiful – and functional – accent.


  • Add More Flowers 

If your shed has windows, adding flowers can be a nice touch. Place some flower boxes on the windows of your shed and plant flowers for a touch of color.

Another, quirkier, option is to liven up your shed by planting multicolored flowers in a cute wheelbarrow for a rustic touch. 

However, think about how you are going to keep all of those flowers watered. Is there a hose water tap nearby your shed? Perhaps you could install an automatic watering system to rely on. Especially if you are going away on a trip, when you return, your beautifully landscaped firewood shed surroundings will still be blooming!

Have you tried any of these landscaping ideas? Do you have any tips for landscaping around firewood sheds? We’d love to hear from you!

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