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Is Homemade Bread Really Healthier?

Posted by Shali Zanzuri on

Can homemade baked bread give you a healthier diet, or is all bread bad for you? Despite being a staple of human diets for generations, bread is often demonized for being unhealthy: it is one of the first items we cross off the menu when we go on a diet. Most savvy foodies know that homemade bread tends to taste significantly better than store purchased bread. But is it also healthier?

The Problem With Industrial Bread

Store-bought sliced bread
The hype around gluten-free products is so ubiquitous nowadays that we have to ask ourselves if homemade bread is even worth it. In moderation, bread is not harmful for you; humans have been eating it for centuries! And while the distinction of being an excellent source of carbohydrates is considered a dubious one nowadays, the fact remains that carbs are food for the brain. Unfortunately, bread isn’t what it used to be. Store-brought bread looks and feels the way it does so that companies can make it cheaply and on an industrial scale – nutrition and flavour are only secondary concerns. In order to make bread as cheaply as possible, companies use preservatives to extend the shelf life of their bread. They also use dough conditioners like azodicarbonamide, the famous ingredient used in yoga mats – not something you want to be feeding your family.

Benefits of Homemade Bread
There are few things that can compare to the smell of freshly baked bread.
In fact, real estate agents have been known to use the smell of baking bread to sell houses . For some people, the comforting smell of homemade bread is reason enough. However, the biggest advantage to making your own bread is knowing exactly what you’re eating.
Sprouted red and white quinoa
When you make your own bread, you control what goes in it. Your bread can be as healthy as you want it to be. You can use the ingredients you want, so you don’t have to worry about preservatives or the empty calories of high fructose corn syrup. In fact, you can choose to forego sweeteners entirely! You can choose to make bread with whole grain flour or with something more eccentric, like rye flour. There is also the option of making gluten-free bread. You can add other ingredients such as quinoa for protein, or flax seeds for added omega 3 fatty acids. You can even choose to make bread with more calories by adding extra sugar and fats. Speaking of fats, unless you choose to add them yourself, your homemade bread won’t contain any trans fats. You can choose to create a heart-healthy bread with unsaturated fats by replacing margarine with olive oil in your recipes.Baking homemade bread fresh dough
Having control over what’s in your bread is especially important if you – or someone you love – has allergies. Many people have an intolerance to ordinary (read: store-bought) bread. For example, the growing number of people who have celiac disease cannot eat anything containing gluten. Specialized foods that cater to these conditions are hard to find, and you can never really be sure if they’re truly gluten or allergen free. There are even fewer guarantees about the other ingredients going into them. When you make your own bread, you can get the kind you want, when you want it. There are plenty of recipes that can be adapted to remove whatever ingredient you need removed. 

Baking Bread in a Californo oven
Many people remember their Mom or Grandma baking fresh bread in the kitchen. Maybe your dad was the home chef! Freshly baked loaves would disappear as soon as the bread was cool enough to cut, yet warm enough to melt butter. Those special moments of nurturing created a sense of being cared for. Maybe you continued the baking craft in your own kitchen oven, or maybe you are about to put your hand to baking your first fresh loaf. Either way, you may want to give yourself a very unique experience by baking a loaf in one of our outdoor ovens!
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Do you prefer homemade bread over store-bought? We would love to hear your thoughts!

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