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Is Burning Firewood Actually Better for the Environment?

Posted by Benny Traub on

Are you worried about the environmental impact of burning firewood? Well, worry no more! Wood is fast becoming the fuel of choice for many environmentally conscious consumers - and for good reason. 

Ovens that run on electricity, oil, or gas, are dependent on fossil fuels.These have a negative impact on the environment. They’re also very costly. Meanwhile, the world has moved towards sustainable wood harvesting practices. As a result, firewood now represents an eco-friendly way to cook your food.

Burning Firewood Does Not Add to Your Carbon Footprint 

Burning firewood is carbon neutral. The Environmental Protection Agency even recognises burning firewood as a carbon neutral activity

Whether a tree burns or decomposes naturally, it will release the carbon dioxide that it absorbed during its lifetime. As a result, firewood gives off the same amount of CO2, whether or not you burn it. You will not be releasing any extra carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. 

Firewood is a Renewable Resource

Wood fired oven with stocked firewood


Unlike most fuel options, wood is a renewable resource. The world’s supplies of oil, coal and gas are all finite. But with wood, it is easy enough to plant as many trees as we cut down. And thankfully, clear cutting is no longer standard practice when it comes to harvesting wood. You will also be happy to know that, according to NASA, we have more trees in the world today than we did 20 years ago

In the United States, the US Forest Services works to ensure that wood cutting companies are using sustainable practices. They also track any excesses of timber harvested within the country. This helps ensure that firewood will also be available for the savvy cook. 

Burning Firewood Is Better for Your Wallet

When you cook with firewood, you won’t have to worry about a spike in your electricity bill. This is because the cost of wood is much lower than that of electricity, oil, or gas. Plus, unlike with oil, you won’t have to worry about rising prices. There are also many inexpensive places to get firewood. You likely have a variety of local sources available to you. And getting wood delivered straight to your home is often inexpensive.

There are also many places that give out firewood for free. Here are a few options:

Burning firewood is not an ethical dilemma. It is an environmentally friendly - and wallet friendly - fuel source for cooking your food. At the very least, it’s definitely better than relying on oil. Plus, using firewood lets you add new, unique flavors to your cooking.

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