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Backyard Party: Let Your Guests Be the Chefs

Posted by Benny Traub on

Want to host a memorable backyard party? Then let your guests be the chefs! That way, everyone on your guest list gets a custom pizza that they are sure to love. 

This is also a great way to put your wood fired oven to use. After all, cooking pizza in a wood fired oven gives your food a distinct flavor. It’s also quick and easy, once you get going.

Preparation Is Key

High quality ingredients are key to having a great backyard pizza party.

The Dough

You have two options for your pizza dough. First, you can buy pre-made dough from the store. This is probably the fastest option. Your second option is to make your own dough. This adds a homemade twist to your pizzas. It might seem difficult, but there are plenty of recipes online for making your own homemade dough.

The Toppings

Get your pizza toppings ready before the party even starts. This will help things go smoothly once your guests arrive. 

Most vegetables, proteins, and fruits work well as pizza toppings. But when choosing toppings, remember to keep your guests in mind. You should also include creative toppings that speak to your guests’ distinct palates. For example, you might want to offer apricots, asparagus, roasted pine nuts, and smoked trout.

The Tools

You will also need tablecloths, napkins, plates and utensils. 

Then, make sure to get your pizza oven fire ready.

Finally, make sure to keep your pizza peel handy, so you can easily cook the pizzas using your wood fired oven.

Please Everyone With Versatile DIY Pizza

It’s easy to please everyone when you have a DIY pizza menu. Just lay out your toppings, and let your guests do the rest. 

Note that cooking times in wood fired pizza ovens are short. Typically, it only takes a few minutes for a pizza cooked in a wood fired oven to be ready. This makes it a great option for feeding hungry guests at a backyard party. 

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