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A Guide for Hosting an Outdoor Pizza Party in the Winter

Posted by Benny Traub on

There is something undeniably romantic about cooking outdoors over a burning fire. Generally, we have an outdoor party in the summer. But there is no reason you can’t have a great outdoor party, even when it’s snowing. Even when temperatures drop below freezing, cooking outside by your wood fired oven offers a more interactive cooking experience. In many ways, it’s like having dinner with a show! 

Here are some tips for hosting an outdoor party in the winter.

Use Your Wood Fired Oven But Keep the Meals Simple

Choose meals that go well with slow cooking. In fact, the longer and slower the better. One of the great advantages of a wood fired oven is that it’s easy to maintain heat for hours of slow cooking. That means you can cook a variety of foods, from brisket to sourdough breads. You can also add wood chips to enhance flavor. It’s also a good idea to cook some sides, such as roasted potatoes, cauliflower, and mushrooms, for a more satisfying meal.

Keep the Drinks Simple, Too

There is nothing better than a glass of warm mulled cider, or a dark spirit by the fire. Not only are these drinks easy to serve, they are also a great source of warmth! 

Look to Street Food for Inspiration

Oven roasted chestnuts are a cold weather delicacy in most of Europe and Asia. And there is no better way to roast chestnuts than in a wood fired oven. 

Start by cutting a small x on the underside of your chestnuts, using a sharp knife. Then, place the chestnuts on a pizza pan, and put them in your wood fired oven. Cook for 7-8 minutes at about 500°F. Depending on the age of the chestnuts, you might need to cook them for longer. You will know when they’re done because the skill and shells will pop open and curl back. Once they have cooled to the touch, peel and enjoy!

Make Sure Your Guests Don’t Freeze

Everyone loves feeling cozy, especially in the winter. Stock up on quality wool blankets, so your guests can drape themselves in soft, fuzzy warmth by the candlelight. You should also make sure you’re not making your guests sit on freezing metal furniture by bringing in some cushions from indoors. Alternatively, you can also provide your guests with Lava Buns, which can be microwaved to stay warm for up to 6 hours. But overall, fire is still the number one way to stay warm. After all, your wood fired oven is sure to be the centerpiece of your winter patio.

Keep the Lights On

Days are short during the winter. So it might be a good idea to start your party in the early afternoon. Otherwise, make sure that the way to your party is lit. Lanterns and fairy lights are great for this.

Make Sure the Kids Don’t Get Bored

Snow is entertaining. So encourage any kids in your outdoor party to create snow angels, snowmen, and snow forts. You can even create an obstacle course out of the snow to keep children and adults entertained. If you don’t have enough snow in your area for that, you can also keep lawn games handy.

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